Rossman Lake Golf & Country Club is excited to welcome back all customers after a long off season.  COVID-19 has spread across the world and is affecting all individuals & businesses, we recognize the significance of this and are implementing new protocols for both ourselves and customers.  We ask that all golfers thoroughly read, understand and promise to follow and respect these COVID-19 protocols as well as any other protocols that may come about.

          Golf is one sport that can easily be adapted to physical distancing while providing everyone with a place for outdoor exercise and some great mental health stimulation.  Please respect all golfers and staff you will encounter during your time at the course.  Not abiding by these regulations may result in disciplinary measures to protect our business operation and fines could be handed out.  We are happy to work through these adaptions and thank you for supporting the Club and Clubhouse.


*   Ensure you don’t have COVID-19 related symptoms, haven’t left the province within the last 14 days and haven’t come in contact with anyone that may have COVID-19.  If any of these situations apply to you, STAY AT HOME!!!

*  Physical distancing is required at all times.  This includes the parking lot, Clubhouse area, tee boxes, course, greens and also the entire resort.

*  Provincial guidelines, legislation and fines apply while on the property.  Anyone failing to comply may be asked to leave to protect our business operation.


*  Due to limited tee times, all players must have a tee time prior to arriving.

* Players may book up to 7 days in advance.

*  Tee time bookings can be made by calling 204-859-2391.

*  All golfers in a group must be screened for COVID-19.

*  No golfers allowed on the course until they have properly registered through the pro-shop.

*  Plan to arrive at the course no more than 20 minutes before your round.  This will help to drastically reduce the amount of traffic around the clubhouse & pro-shop.


*  Signage will inform you as you walk towards the proshop- please read before entering.

*  Only 2 customers at a time will be permitted inside.  Please adhere to physical distancing markers inside and outside.

*  All persons must use the hand sanitizer located at the entrance.

*  Leave your golf clubs and other belongings at your vehicle while registering.

*  Load your rental cart at your vehicle.


*  Physical distancing must be maintained at all times with members of your group, other groups and staff.

*  Please wait in the “on deck” area until the group ahead has cleared the tee box.

*  Tee times will be managed to ensure adequate physical distancing between groups.

*  When your tee time arrives be ready to enter tee box area.  You cannot tee off early and if you are late you will have to wait in the parking lot until the next available tee time.

*  No groups will be allowed to “squeeze in” or start anywhere but the 1st tee.

*  No congregating of golfers allowed in any area of the course.

*  All power carts will be limited to 1 rider unless you reside in the same household.  This applies to member carts as well.

*  All rental pull carts and power carts will be washed and sanitized before being rented again.

*  All high touch areas of the course have been removed including benches, ball washers, divot mix and bunker rakes.

*  Only touch your own personal items- this includes golf balls & tees, clubs and golf bag.

*  Walking is encouraged but if you are riding in a cart, ensure your cell phone and personal property remain in your golf bag and away from high contact areas.

Flagsticks not to be touched or removed from the cup.  The cup is raised 1 inch above the hole.  The ball hitting the cup deems it “holed”.

*  When in a bunker, lie improvement is allowed if in someone’s foot print or disturbed area.  Please smooth area if possible with club head afterward.

*  No more than 4 golfers per group and at peak times, 4 are highly encouraged.  Smaller groups may be combined.

Washrooms on whole #4 and #7 are CLOSED.  Washrooms in the Pro-shops are available for use.

*  At this time, dining room is CLOSED.

*  Kitchen is OPEN for takeout food and drinks.

*  No personal alcohol allowed on premise.

*  No handshakes permitted after the round- a hand gesture or tip of the hat will suffice.


*  Maintain proper physical distancing as you head off the 9th green to the resort, pro shop and parking lot.

*  Return your pull cart or power cart to the designated washing/ sanitation area.

*  All garbage is to be put in designated bins or taken home with you.  Don’t leave your garbage in power carts for the staff to clean up.

*  No congregating in the parking lot area allowed.

 We will require the cooperation of all golfers to ensure that all new rules, policies and procedures are followed at all times to ensure safety to everyone.

Failure to follow policies is putting you at risk of losing your golfing privileges and the course at risk of closure or fines.

Thank you for your support during this change of “normal” golf.